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Welcome to Raisin Mania!

In this game school bullies are set out to steal your boxes of raisins. Finally you are fed up. You must eat your boxes of raisins to power up and throw fireballs. Lets see how they like it!

-Dont let your health fall to zero!

-WASD movement controls

-LEFT_SHIFT to sprint and make sure you watch your stamina bar.

-LEFT_CLICK to throw fireballs. This takes sugar.

-Press E to eat a box of raisins. This will up all your stats.

-Don't let your potassium get too high or you will overdose and slowly die!

-Bullies will try to punch you! Use your sprint to get away.

Disclaimer: This is a small inside joke game and the first game I have made. If you have stumbled across this game by chance, can't promise anything(not logic), but have fun!


RaisinMania64Bit.zip 395 MB
RaisinMania32Bit.zip 365 MB

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